Our hands are the most important way to interact with the world surrounding you. Without actually realizing it, we perform amazingly complex tasks on a daily basis. With the Manus VR gloves you can use your hands just as intuitively and seamlessly in the virtual world as you would in real life. The Manus VR glove tracks hand movement, using a combination of high-tech sensors inside the glove. The Manus VR glove offers the first true virtual reality experience aimed at the consumer mass market. Compared to other gaming devices, the Manus VR gloves is more affordable, better accessible and above all, more immersive than any of its predecessors. As the world’s first consumer VR glove, the Manus VR glove will revolutionize the traditional consumer VR gaming market. It is set to play a huge role in the virtual reality revolution.

MANUS VR (standnummer 202)